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Gardena Garden Tools and Equipment in North Cyprus

the main importer and dealer of Gardena garden tools and equipmentGARDENA to North Cyprus

Mediterranean Gardener has added quality to its vast experience has brought the world famous brand GARDENA to North Cyprus. In addition to Floragard garden turf and Flortis vitamins, we are now the main importer and dealer of Gardena garden tools and equipment, which are now currently available at our Mediterranean Gardener Centres and at a price that equals that of South Cyprus. Determined to give our clients better service and choice, we have now opened our new store in the Neopark shopping centre, on the new orbital road near central Kyrenia, in addition to our garden centre in Alsancak. Our New store stands full with garden equipment, tools and agricultural machinery. We have imported all kinds of things from agricultural sprayers to graft bands, graft putty and grafting machinery. That’s not all! With our newly imported repellent machinery we can now solve all kinds of pest problems caused by, lizards and pigeons.

Gardena garden tools and equipment in north cyprusWe have also brought a new understanding to the struggle against weeds and have imported weeding machinery that respects the environment and does not affect the natural structure of the area it is used. Your lawns and bushes will look great with our newly imported grass and hedge cutters that turn tedious garden maintenance into a pleasurable task. You will spend blissful moments while your garden is made over with Gardena technology. We are also now selling the latest in watering materials, sprinklers and drip irrigation. Expanding our wide range of flower and vegetable seeds, we can also provide our clients with Kikiu, Bermuda, Fesluka and Paspaiyum seeds which are ideal for our climate conditions and can survive with very little vvater. You can also find all kinds of grass in all shades and lengths. As well as all of this we are also still designing and creating beautiful gardens, and gaining appreciation and merit from all our clients and have recently been honoured with the award of best landscaper ". We have always kept the concept of aesthetic green in the forefront of our designs, and have always produced aesthetics, feasible and maintainable gardens.

We at Mediterranean Gardener have faith in our years of experience and our qualified staff and promise to provide a better quality and service in our new Gardena store. While the number of gardens in North Cyprus constantly grows, so does the need for seeds, turf, fertilizers, trees and flowers. However , for a sustainable garden there is also a growing demand and necessity for good quality garden tools and equipment. Our aim is to supply this demand by filling the void of good quality, durable, latest technology garden tools, equipment and machinery with Gardena. Gardena tools make gardening enjoyable. This brand's greatest feature is its durability and vast range of products. Gardena are constantly following developments in technology and manufacture there products with the latest breakthroughs. They use LiOn technology in their batteries and produce long running lawn cutters,trimmers, and hedge cutters, as well as multi purpose extend-able branch cutters, pruning scissors, fruit pickers olive grazers and waste collectors which can all be found at our store. ln short , We can supply you with all your garden needs. Feel free to drop by our garden center in Al~ sancak or our new Gardena store (Mediterranean Gardener) in Kyrenia for a presentation. You are always welcome.

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